WINOPS Field Shots

Coastal Dredging Company, Inc. selects WINOPS for cutter suction dredge GAZAP
Tommy Kilbride - Slidell Louisiana

Quigg Brothers clean up Hylebos Waterway
Quigg - Tacoma WA

American Construction Christens PATRIOT and Celebrates 100 Years
American - Everett WA

General Construction upgrades DB SEATTLE with WINOPS & Mesotech Profile Sonar
General - Narrows WA

General Construction outfits COLUMBIA with WINOPS DPS for upcomming Narrows Bridge
Columbia - Tacoma Narrows WA

Advanced American Diving digs Columbia River with WINOPS / Novatel 2 cm RTK GPS
AAD - Terminal 6 Port of Portland Oregon

JJM Construction Ltd. of Delta British Columbia contracts WINOPS for XYZ control of 1800 Three Arm Excavator
John Miller - Blair Waterway Slip One Tacoma WA

General extends car dock 500 ft uses WINOPS
General Construction - Blair Waterway Tacoma WA

LW Matteson decides on WINOPS for cutter suction dredge SANDPIPER
LW Matteson - Orange Beach Alabama

Vortex Diving wires clam shell dredge DB LITTLEJOE
Vortex Diving - Oakland CA

Manson Upgrades VALHALLA
Manson Construction - Tacoma Washington

Nova group fires up new cutter suction dredge DRAGON with WINOPS XYZ control
Nova Group - Napa California

XYZ Upgrade to NJORD
Manson Super Clam Shell - San Pedro CA

Birthplace of WINOPS
Manson Hopper Dredge NEWPORT - East Coast US

Healy Tibbits decides on WINOPS for Clamshell 538
Healy Tibbits - Aiea, Hawaii

Weeks Marine puts WINOPS on Derrick 500
Weeks 500 - Ocean City Maryland

Coastal Dredging Company, Inc. selects WINOPS for cutter suction dredge GAZAP
Tommy Kilbride - Slidell Louisiana

NOVA Group selects WINOPS for cutter suction dredge RYAN W
Nova Group - Santa Barbara CA

Marine Tech uses WINOPS for Dredge Positioning and Hydrographic Surveying
Marine Tech - Duluth MN

Sevenson Environmental Pilot Capping Project Grasse River
Sevenson - Massena New York

Reynolds Metals / Bechtel Environmental / Metcalf Eddy Remediate St. Lawerence Seaway of PCB Contaminated Sediments
Bechtel - Massena New York

J. E. McAmis, Inc. / South Coast Marine / Foster Wheeler Remediate Ward Cove
McAmis - Ketchikan Alaska

J. E. McAmis, Inc. digs Anchorage Alaska
McAmis - Anchorage Alaska

Western Marine of Seattle deepens Wrangell Narrows
Western - Petersburg Alaska

R.E. Staite rigs out Derrick PALOMAR and Dump Scow
R.E. Staite - San Diego CA

Camenzind Dredging fits out their fleet with WINOPS for DPS and Hydrographic Surveying
Camenzind - San Francisco Bay

General Construction puts WINOPS on DB TACOMA and Tug REDWOOD CITY
General - Bremerton Naval Ship Yard

Associated Dock Enterprises goes with WINOPS for Dump Scow Tracking & Clamshell Dredging
Shorter - San Rafael California

LW Matteson Hydraulic Cutter Suction Dredge
Matteson - San Angelo Texas

Geo. Gradel Co. Clamshell DPS + WINOPS Hydrographic Survey System
Gradel - Vermilion Ohio

Weeks New 506 Clamshell Rig runs WINOPS XYZ System
Weeks506 - Jersey City

Sevenson Environmental Cumberland Bay NY - Hydraulic Cutter Suction
Sevenson - Precision Removal & Processing of Contaminated Sediment

Burnham Associates Clamshell Dredging
Burnham - Burnham Deepens Harbor of Refuge Block Island

Faust Corporation Clamshell Dredging
Faust - Faust Digs Detroit River

Luedtke Engineering
Leudtke - Environmental Dredging - largest contaminated sediment removal job in US to date

Cable Arm Clamshell
CableArm - Building Calmshell Buckets for Environmental Dredging

Manson Gulf - Fernandina Florida
Bayport - Hopper Dredge with RTK Tide

AGM Marine Contractors - Cape Cod Canal Massachusetts
AGM - Clam Shell Precision Digging on a Small Rig

Nehalem River Dredging - LaPush Washington
Nehalem - Oregon Cowboys go Surfing

Sevenson Environmental Cumberland Bay NY
Sevenson - Post Processing of Contaminated Sediment

Four Seasons Environmental
Foursea - Cutter Head Environmental Dredging

HAAKON Digs Pier 400
Haakon - Offshore Clamshell

Al Powers Co. and American Construction Co. Deepen Blair in "T" Town
Apowers - Clam Shell Rigs

BAYPORT Digs Eureka
Eureka - Hopper Dredge Precision with WINOPS

American Construction Company chooses WINOPS
American - Calm Shell Dredge MUKILTEO

Manson dusts off BOB LOFGRIN
lofgrin - Cutter Suction Dredge LOFGRIN

General Construction puts WINOPS on DB SEATTLE
General - Clam Shell Dredge SEATTLE

Manson launches new Hopper Dredge
Bayport - Hopper Dredge BAYPORT

Sevenson Environmental Niagara Falls
Sevens5 - Surgical Sediment Removal with WINOPS for XYZ control of Auger Dredge
Sevens6 - More Sevensen Field Shots

Renda Marine Freeport Texas
Millenium - Renda Marine New DSC Dredge MILLENIUM
PlcControl - Complete PLC Control Dredge MILLENIUM
BillWeda - Bill Weda President of Dredge Supply Corp.
WhiteRock - Renda Marine DSC Dredge WHITE ROCK