Western Marine of Seattle Blasts Wrangell Narrows to 24 ft

Western Marine owner Kriss Hart keeps a keen eye on the project. Due to marginal DGPS differential corrections in the Wrangell Narrows area, LBA was forced to put a differential corrections base station up to tighten the XY position of DB BEAVER. The rock drill barge SWINOMISH was finally outfitted with a Trimble 750 RTK 2cm DGPS system by Tony Patrello to assist accurate drilling and blasting. The tidal current in the narrows can reach 5-7 knots at times making the job a challenge. Western Marine is doing the job - no green hands on this project!

Joe Zech runs the show and keeps the rock moving.

L. Gary Miller Construction Rep for U.S. Army Corps of Engineers keeps a careful watch on the operation.

L2R Western Field Boss Doug Arnold and Operator Rich Barger ready for a blast. You want to mess with these guys? Photo by L. Gary Miller

Boom - Photo by L. Gary Miller

John Cox runs the BEAVER

Mike Brooks assisted LBA in the installation of the WINOPS systems aboard BEAVER and the drill & blast barge SWINOMISH.

DB BEAVER from Aberdeen WA gets wired with WINOPS

BEAVER winch station has a WINOPS screen to assist in locating the rig for precision sediment removal.

WINOPS screen of Wrangell Narrows

Boom tip DGPS mount aboard BEAVER

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