Weeks Marine selects WINOPS XYZ System for New Clamshell Rig 506

Robert Weeks with Captain Norm Simpkins aboard 506

Weeks 506 Diesel/Electric Clamshell Dredge

Holding 800 hp

Closing 800 hp

Swing 2 X 195 hp

Boom Hoist 200 hp

Tag Line 100 hp

Robert Kiszewski of ATI, Inc. 2318 East Second Street Superior, WI 54880 (715) 398-7674. Bob is the master mind behind the 506 which is a converted Marion 195 dragline dredge obtained from Gillette Wyoming. This mild mannered gentleman is a great asset to the dredging industry. Bob has a BS in Math and Physics with a EE from the University of Minnesota and has been building dredges since 1968. His last project was clamshell dredge OAKLAND for General Construction in Seattle (which also uses WINOPS).

Bob set up a novel way to keep from twisting up data wires running through the crane center pin. This system counts the number of turns and the direction. If the number exceeds two, the system will alarm the operator and tell him which direction to unwind the wires. This is the first system that I have seen, to do this. Good idea Bob.

Steve Geer out on the boom tip of 506 mounting the DGPS antenna

Scott Reeves operates the 506 and has 19 years in the dredging industry with 15 of those years operating bucket dredges. He is a member of Local 25 Marine Division out of Metuchen NJ IUOE International Union of Operating Engineers.

There are not many places to obtain food in the barren landscape of dockside Jersey City. Here is one of them. The best egg/ham/hot sauce breakfast sandwich in the harbor. I made this place a daily habit.

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