The following are shots of WEDA XX Warwick Rhode Island 24-28 June 2000

L2R Sue & John Lajeunesse with Judith Powers. Sue & John are the people behind Clamvision (See Dredger of the Month). John & I worked together on the Saginaw River contiminated sediment project (see WINOPS home page main menu). Judy is the owner & editor of International Dredging Review (IDR). IDR is published eight times a year, and serves the dredging industry worldwide. She put our software on the cover of the March/April/May 2000 issue. This is a good thing. I first met Judy in 1989 at the World Dredging Conference in Orlando Florida. She was entertaining the entire WODCON crowd with her daughter Mara and son Mike. Judy sang & played mandolin, Mara sang and Mike played bass. They were beyond great. It is an understatement to say that Judy knows quite a lot about the dredging industry.

See the IDR website at

Chris Hancock stopped by to say hellow at the show end. Chris is also known as "Dancing Bear". He got that handle when we worked together in the Mexican Oil Fields in La Bahia de Campeche back in 1980/81. Yes, Chris & I go back a long way. We were NOAA CORPS officers in Seattle in the late seventies. Chris, a very talented individual and quite savy offshore, sells for Kongsberg Simrad out of Houston Texas. He is a good buddy. I wish he did not live so far away. Check back here for occasional stories that might appear. I have many.

On the right is WEDA Exec. Driector Larry Patella live on stage at WEDA XX. Larry is an ex Naval Commander and is retired from the Port of Portland dredging operations. He puts on the show.

Two guys that know a fair bit about dredging - Eric Seagren and Ted Morse from Ellicott International. Eric is national sales manager and Ted is the designer of the highly successful Ellicott MUDCAT series of hydraulic dredges. These gentlemen received top quality WINOPS hats. Ellicot International 1611 Bush Street Baltimore, MD 21230 (410) 545 0203. See Sevenson environmental in the WINOPS Dredging Field Shots for a look at the new MUDCAT. Also, the third photo from the top on our home page, is the MUDCAT auger.

ACOE Water Ways Experiment Station Engineers Tom Patin and Norm Francingues Jr. (Fra Sang') in the WINOPS booth with some cold ones. Tom manages the Dredging Operations Tech. Support Program and Norm is a Research Civil Engineer at WES. These guys make it happen.

John Lajeunesse with Greg Hartman and Ray Bergeron winding down the conference. Greg is president of WEDA and Hartman Consulting Group. Ray Bergeron is president of Cable Arm Calmshell (See dredging field shots).

Ros Rodgers of Cable Arm Clamshell. It is always a pleasure to see Ross. He has the knowing of many things and is a wonderful man and a true gentleman. Ross has a background in ship surveying and helps Ray Bergeron sell custom clam shell buckets.

The one and only Kenny Hayes from Aqua Survey. Ken & I were booth neighbors at WEDA XX and I enjoyed chewing the fat with him. He runs a very successful environmental sampling, fate and effect study company in Flemington New Jersey (my wife Kathleen is from Flemington). Aqua Survey, Inc. 499 Point Breeze Road 08822 (908) 788 8700.

John Lajeunesse (you all know John by now) with Tim Welp of USAE WES Coastal Engineering Research Center in Vicksburg Mississippi at the Clamvision Booth. Tim is a hydraulic engineer and a regular visitor of the WINOPS web site.

National Dredging Services of North Florida L2R Matt Humphrey, Ronny McKinley, Jamie Mansuknani and Michael Roberts all with WINOPS hats. NDS provides a special rebuilding process for worn out dredge pumps, impellers and liners. They have many satisfied clients and have been in business for over 20 years. They can be reached at (904) 758 9098.

Grover Fugate and Jeff Willis from the State of Rhode Island Coastal Resources Management Council visit the WINOPS booth to have a look at posted photos of the Block Island Refuge Harbor Job. Burnham Associates is digging away with a clamshell rig using WINOPS.

Roberto Calderon with Craig Burnham. Roberto works for Scientific Dredging Institute in Puerto Rico and Craig says "Lyman, you brought us out of the dark ages in dredging". I gave away 40 of Craig's Tornado Tubes during WEDA XX (See dredging field shots Burnham Associates).

Here is a local bivalve operation using air to harvest in Warwick Rhode Island. Iced raw cherry stone clams on the halfshell is a treat when you can get them.

I told 4 year old Hana that I would put her picture on the world wide web. World, here is Hana.