The following are shots of WEDA XIX May 99

WINOPS booth WEDA XIX - Very Nice !

Ross Rogers & Ray Bergeron of Cable Arm Clamshell 3452 West Jefferson Ave., Trenton MI 48183. Ray is a legend in clamshell design and manufacture. Most dredging companies use his buckets. His biggest bucket (60 yards) out dug a hopper dredge in Redwood City CA in soft mud a few months ago (2500 feet per day on a 70 ft wide channel). Inquire at Manson Construction Seattle WA for details.

John Lajeunesse of Cable Arm. John has developed CLAMVISION for environmental clamshell dredging. He puts cameras and depth sensors right in the bucket to assist in precision digging of environmentally sensitive sediments. John & I are talking integration of CLAMVISION & WINOPS.

James Damon of Sevenson Environmental Services, Inc 2749 Lockport Rd., Niagara Falls, NY 14305. Sevenson is outfitting two of their H&H auger dredges with WINOPS for precision sediment removal on the Cumberland Bay Environmental Clean Up. LBA will be interfacing two turbidity sensors to WINOPS to assist in monitoring suspended sediment during the dredging process.

Tom Turner Pres. of Turner Consulting Inc., 1459 Bay Point Dr. Sarasota FL 34236. If you need numbers to tell you the production of your cutter suction dredge, Tom is the man. WINOPS uses a Turner equation in production calculations.

Siegfried Heger Pres. of Heger Pumps 148 Stonehedge Ln. Westminster, CA 92683 displays a video of a slurry pumpoff job for Inner Bay Marine using one of his special DragFlow pumps.

James DeGour & Vinton Bossert of the Marine Design Center ACOE Philadelphia, PA. These gentlemen are responsible for design of dredges for the ACOE nation wide - ex King Pointers - OK by me.

Elke Briuer Assistant Prog. Manager for Technology Transfer, DOER Program WES, USACE - Elke designed this booth for the DOER (Dredge Operations Environmental Research) Program - Excellent.

Shawn Johnson of Fugro West, Inc. 30007 Bunsen Ave., Suite F Ventura, CA 93003 (Top Notch Hydrographic Outfit). Shawn & I go way back (1983). We worked for MOS and know many of the same crazy offshore people. Wild times in the Santa Barbara Channel (We were young then). Good to see you Shawn.

Lourdes Ramos of Coastal Oceanographics 11G Old Indian Trail, Middlefield, CT 06455 & friend. Lourdes is in charge of sales for Coastal in the US. She is from Spain & I enjoy speaking Spanish with her. Lourdes does not use WINOPS.