Manson Construction Upgrades Clam Shell Dredge VALHALLA with latest WINOPS features

Jim "Big Foot" Morris aboard the monster clamshell machine - yes that is a four foot dia. spud behind.

Jim is top hydrographic surveyor for Manson and has been working for the company since 1965. It will require several people to replace Mr. Morris when the time comes for retirement. Jim is an old friend - we have been working together for many years.

Josh Kaberon and Larry Cowles in the Sitcum waterway. Josh is a survivor of the tug MARIE that sank in Grays Harbor several years ago. He went down to the bottom 70 ft before crawling out of the galley and shooting to the surface in a dead mans float to be picked from the water by a fisherman - lucky. Josh earned the right to wear a gold hoop in left ear (old school).

Larry is an old friend - cut his teeth on hopper dredge NEWPORT. Larry is family, and a WILD MAN from Westport WA.

VALHALLA swings a 55 yard bucket and digs the Sitcum waterway for the Port of Tacoma to a depth of 51 plus one feet.

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