Sevenson Environmental of Niagara Falls NY

Lake Champlain New York - Cumberland Bay Wilcox Dock Sludge Bed Site - No Trespassing

Paid for by the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation - NY Govenor George Pataki - 1986 N.Y.S. Environmental Bond Act Project

John McGuire on site Resident Engineer for the Cumberland Bay Cleanup from Larsen Engineers 700 West Metro Park, Rochester, New York 14623-2678 - Good man.

Roger Zaunere and his son Hans hydrographic surveying on Cumberland Bay - Now this is going the lean route - note the DGPS Antenna in the back seat of the row boat. Roger is a first class Oceanographer that has to his credit the recovery of the downed space schuttle and the TWA 747 over Long Island Sound. He knows many things that he cannot talk about. His son Hans is a programmer. I guess these guys like to take a break now and then and do some high tech hydro. It was good to talk with some very sharp offshore operators with impressive feathers in their watch caps. If you loose a Nuke Sub, Space Ship or Jet, Roger can be reached at Pond Road Hermon, New York.

Silt Curtains stacked ready to deploy

Sevenson's Jeff Davoli getting the WINOPS Parameters into shape

The Monster Hot Plate for joining large ABS plastic Dredge Pipe

ABS Dredge Pipe being made up - lots of plumbing for this $25 million job

The Dredge Pipe run from Cumberland Bay to Treatment Site

Sediment Treatment Site with Filter Tanks

Complicated piping at the Sediment Treatment Site

The Filter Press Shack - making "Cakes"

Arlo Reynolds field manager - keeping the riff/raff out of the equation

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