Christens PATRIOT and Centennial

100 Years in Business 1903 - 2003

WINOPS with Raven DGPS to Control New Clamshell Dredge

PATRIOT Dedication Ceremony at American Yard in Everett WA...

L2R Reverend to bless the Dredge with Owners Sandy and Steve Brannon. Steve told a moving story of how American came to own the new derrick on 11 September 2001 - thus he chose the name PATRIOT in the spirit of this great country.

This photo should give one some idea of the scale of this derrick.

Extra heavy duty Atlas 20 Yard comes standard...

Beth and Jarvis Frederic with little one Amilea. Jarvis has contributed many productive WINOPS modification ideas over the years including an article in IDR International Dredging Review concerning the use of the Fixed Bucket Pattern for Capping.

Equipment Superintendent Scott Lybeck was instrumental in the retrofit of all aspects of PATRIOT. Scott is a fine gentleman and has played a key roll at American for the past 20 years.

Equipment Manager Peter Stevens was also instrumental in rebuilding PATRIOT and made sure that all was ready for the WINOPS Navigation System.

Shop Mechanic John Carrig is concerned what the future holds without his boss and mentor Scott Lybeck (soon to retire). I told him that we meet and work with many great people. What one must do, is take the best from these individuals and keep it alive, in all that we do in the future.

VP Pat McGary with President Glen Edwards of Manson Construction drop by to take a look at the new rig. There were many people from the dredging industry (some out of state) present to share in the celebration.

PATRIOT is days away from a tow up to Anchorage Alaska to make short work of deepening the main terminal for the Army Corps of Engineers.


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