Nova Group of Napa California selects WINOPS to Position RYAN W.

Tony Naredo, Dave Ashworth and Dean Fraley pause for a shot while working to ready RYAN W. Tony Naredo is a hydrographic surveyor and computer expert for Nova. He likes WINOPS and says it is easy to use. Dave Ashworth is self employed and specializes in large power plant installation and modification for electric dredges. I first met Dave when he was making final adjustments on cutter suction dredge HR MORRIS for Manson. He is a top notch engineer and a great man. Dean Fraley is chief electrician for NOVA. Everyone likes Dean.

RYAN W in Santa Barbara Harbor.

Dan Fox is Project Manager for NOVA.

Steve Sonye of DACS is a dredge automation expert. Steve put together a cutter head depth bubbler system for RYAN W that interfaced to WINOPS. Steve can be reached at

Tony Naredo calibrates the cutter head depth system.

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