Manson Hopper Dredge NEWPORT

Manson Construction of Seattle Washington runs trailing suction split hull hopper dredge NEWPORT on the East coast.

Dredge Captain Bill Kenneweg sent us a batch of digital photos of NEWPORT life. Since NEWPORT is the birthplace of WINOPS, we thought it fitting to post a few. Back in 88, our software was known as HDPS (Hopper Dredge Productivity Software). There are Dredge Mates aboard (Jay Mayes) that swear old DOS HDPS was superior to Windows versions. Captain Tom Bopp agrees. Computers seemed much easier to operate in DOS days. NEWPORT was skippered by old pal Captain Mark DeGroot (1983 - 1999). Mark is now skipper of Manson hopper dredge BAYPORT. See Manson Gulf BAYPORT field shots.

Here are LBA picks of NEWPORT shots. This should stop Bill from hounding me.

NEWPORT Side Casting...

Dredge Captain Bill Kenneweg demonstrates GSAT - Gulf Stream Angler Talent.

Bill has played an important role in WINOPS upgrades for hopper dredges. Along with the XY graphic WINOPS posts port & stbd drag head positions in the cross section display, pump depths, slurry velocity, slurry density, discharge pressure, pump RPM, fore/aft draft and tonnage just to name a few. Thanks Bill.

Photo taken in NEWPORT galley - anyone know who this is? I know it's a Mahi Mahi, I mean the lad.

Wheel house drag tender pit on NEWPORT and what makes her go (Z drive).

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