Nehalem River Dredging

Vern Scovell owner of Nehalem River Dredging converts a Louisana Mud Boat into a cutter suction hydraulic dredge to tackle a dangerous bar at LaPush Washington

Gary & Vern in the control room of Dredge ELAND

Winops navigation system aboard ELAND - Has anyone figured out that I am partial to Starlink DGPS receivers?

Chief Engineer in the alley way of ELAND. Dick has considerable experience from over 25 years of offshore work in Alaska. All the individuals on Vern's team are multi-talented.

Back deck of ELAND with James Island to the right. Two years ago in February, three Coast Guard seamen were lost on the beach of this island in 50 foot seas. They rolled over a 44 footer and lost the vessel. This is no place to to fool around.

The virgin coast of Washington is rugged, cold and lonely.

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