JJM Construction Ltd. of Delta BC
selects WINOPS for XYZ control of 1800 Three Arm Excavator

WINOPS screen shot of 1800 at work...

Novatel Beeline 20 cm Barge Position and Heading from one receiver aboard 1800 - also note LBA Caplan Tide Gauge reception antenna with Novatel differential corrections antenna.

The mighty 1800 placing material in Slip One of Blair Waterway Tacoma Washington - showing off her new 20 cm Novatel Antennas for excavator arm azimuth.

1800 swings a hydraulic actuated 10 yard bucket for material removal or placement. WINOPS gives the operator plus or minus 20 cm XYZ position of bucket cutting edge.

Solving the Three Arm Excavator problem required three angle indicators mounted on each excavator arm combined with some expert software modification. The final installation aboard 1800 bottom shots.

Vice President of JJM Pete Miller on site in Tacoma. Pete was in charge of the WINOPS installation aboard 1800 and was excellent to work with.

1800 Captain Len Miller (Pete's Uncle) never stopped - even for Christmas.

WINOPS field engineer Robert Stricker demonstrates what it takes to get wired.

JJM fabricator Brad Thompson built & installed custom angle indicator mounts and Beeline antenna bracket as well as running wire and taking an interest in the system - thanx Brad.

The 1800 is an impressive and powerful machine unlike any other I have come across. Expect to see more of her.

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