General Construction puts WINOPS onboard DB SEATTLE

Coos Bay requires a base station for DGPS positioning - Coast Guard D Beacon coverage is not too hot in this area. This is a picture of the base station setup used for the DB SEATTLE. Please note the Starlink DNAV212G (Black Box), the Pacific Crest transmiter (Blue box) and the 3 amp power supply (which we cooked in 1 hour and replaced with 10 amp).

Brenda Lichtenwalter and Bill Hoodenpyle of General show off the Starlink/Pacific Crest DGPS receiver setup for the derrick portion of the DB SEATTLE positioning system. Note the switch provided by Starlink to select base station or beacon differential corrections.

Boom tip pendulous installation of the Starlink DGPS antenna on DB SEATTLE gives best results.

Bob & Virginia Richardson (local Coos Bay residents) were kind to host General in their front yard for the differential correction shore station (Brenda from General in blue). Bob grew up with Al Powers in Coos Bay and has many stories & photos of his maritime life down in his shop. Bob is also a jazz musician. I have not met a finer person.

DB SEATTLE Ready to Dig

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