Manson BAYPORT in Eureka California

Henry Hester "Speedy" of Hopper Dredge NEWPORT fame aboard BAYPORT. Speedy is officially retired from running hopper dredge operations for Manson but cannot stay away from boats and salt water. He knows everything there is to know about all moving and static parts of a hopper dredge. This man is simply the best there is.

L2R Bill Partridge and his son McCay with Jim 'BigFoot' Morris - Good Friends & Legends. Have known & worked with these gentlemen for many years. Bill & Jim helped me get started in this business and let me tell you about salt - plenty here. The only problem with this cast of characters is their timid style - it's like pulling teeth to get these guys to voice their opinion.

The mighty BAYPORT under way

Mean Mate Ken Penwell driving BAYPORT. Ken is the only sailor I know that listens to nasty rock & roll on one watch and Bach on the next. He is a very cool digger with a highly advanced sence of humor. His wife Linda made sure I gave Elvis a visit when working near Memphis TN last year. At first I thought is was a silly thing to do. After a visit to Graceland, I seriously recommend that everyone on the planet pay a visit to Elvis. You just have to go there. Thanx Linda.

Carey in the drag tender pit on BAYPORT - wonder what is on that screen he is looking at?

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