Cable Arm Clamshell builds Environmental Dredge Buckets

Welding up a large level cut environmental Cable Arm Clamshell Bucket in Ray Bergeron's Shop

Cable Arm Calmshell 3452 West Jefferson Ave Trenton MI 48183 (734) 676 1345 Voice (734) 676 6108 Fax - This is where Ray makes state of the art Calmshell Buckets out of 400 Brunnell steel (four times as strong as miled steel).

Ray works in the same shop that he grew up in. The side door if this old flat bed truck in his yard was his fathers.

Ray Bergeron - a national treasure.

Ray has purchased WINOPS to work with his environmental buckets for an upcomming environmental job in the Detroit River. WINOPS will be integrated with CLAMVISION XYZ positioning to provide precision digging. A rare shot of yours truely.

Jesse Cowell welds up the new Environmental Bucket. A week after this photo, Jesse's girl left him for a guy with wheels - he took it so hard that he joined the Marines - go Jesse.

Bob Watkins is one of Ray's right hand men.

Hank Soelter machines a bucket part.

Two ready to go...

An old timer still going...

Some random shots of Ray's world...

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