Burnham Associates of Salem Massachusetts go with the standard in dredge positioning software - WINOPS

Craig Burnham president and owner of Burnham Associates aboard one of his clamshell rigs

Craig purchased a "Carolina Cockpit" made of fiber glass to house the computer and DGPS hardware for the dredge positioning system. This turned out to be an excellent choice.

Burnham rig in preparation for the tow to Block Island.

WINOPS screen of Block Island configuration file. Note 5 hydro layers and new left right indicator.

Cindy and Francis Burnham - Craig's wife and father - very cool people.

The inventor. Craig came up with the tornado tube when he was 11 years old using two glass coke bottles and some black tape. Taking something that usually ends up in the land fill and making it into a wonderful toy to demonstrate the vortex phenomenon is a great thing. The tube works with most plastic pop bottles. Craig holds a patent on his tube and also invented the machine that manufactures the tubes. Tornado tubes can be ordered from Burnham Associates 14 Franklin Street Salem, MA 01970. Get some. We keep ours on the couch and have added a small amount of aluminum powder to enhance the vortex.

Marie Guerriero and Murray Mason. Marie takes care of the tornado tube business and Murray runs the clamshell dredging operations. You don't see this combination of talents too often. Note the WINOPS software and key in Murrays right hand.

To kick off the installation in Boston, Craig had me meet him at the USS CONSTITUTION. At 0800 hrs they strike colors and fire a cannon - wow! This is a moving experience.

I always like to finish up with some random shots of the area i'm working in. Nat Hawthorne's old house in Salem.

Craig's inlaws came across this site in 1956 when executing a construction project in downtown Salem.

Salem architecture is varied...

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