General Construction of Seattle puts WINOPS on DB TACOMA to execute precision sediment placement at Bremerton Naval Shipyard

DB SEATTLE swings Ray Bergeron's Environmental Bucket for low turbidity while dredging contaminated sediments.

Puget Sound Naval Shipyard.

DB TACOMA places sediment near the beach.

WINOPS gives a clear picture of the operation aboard DB TACOMA.

Deep sea sailor and crane operator Wayne Robinson likes WINOPS.

Dredge Manager Bill Hoodenpyle demonstrates the old way to position the Dredge with a laser system.

Brenda Lichtenwalter was in charge of the WINOPS installation aboard DB TACOMA. She wired the system in 1.5 days with little help from LBA.

Chris Wood checks Dredge alignment with the laser. This was the last time they will use this method aboard TACOMA. Chris is an excellent fabricator and helped with the installation. He learned how to wire a WINOPS system and use the software in short order. Chris is also an avid off road motorcycle racer in his spare time. He took his son to the nationals in Las Vegas when his son was 6 years old on a 50cc dirt bike. His boy placed 6th in the nation.

On the job are Foster Wheeler's Mike Keiser and Richard Quinn keeping the decks safe with an inspection.

Captain Kent Lowe aboard Tug REDWOOD CITY. Kent is an excellent ship handler. WINOPS helps him guide dump scows to individual dump cells for accurate sediment placement.

Principal Geotechnical Engineer Mark Otten of Foster Wheeler Environmental Corporation checks in with General's Bill Hoodenpyle regarding job details.

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