LW Matteson of Burlington Iowa puts a WINOPS XYZ System aboard the new cutter suction dredge LW down in West Texas

A view of Lake Nasworthy from the dredge.

The City of San Angelo Texas removes 4 million cubic yards from Lake Nasworthy - elevation 1871 feet above the sea.

Mike Williams project manager for the city of San Angelo. Mike provided the AutoCad files and depth soundings to get the job started. It is a pleasure to work with experienced people.

Civil Engineer Kevin Burke selects WINOPS for precision sediment removal and easy *.dxf AutoCad file import - not to mention real time depth sounding & logging while digging.

LW Matteson's Hydraulic Dredge LW on site.

The WINOPS system installed aboard LW.

The king WINOPS *.ini file to date - 7000 shoreline points and 165000 soundings San Angelo Texas.

Taylor Matteson keeps the cutter turning. Taylor has the right stuff (never give up). "Pressure builds diamonds." Taylor says.

Top WINOPS programmer David Caplan aboard LW for some real time field testing. Dave rarely gets into the field. This was a productive day.

Chief Engineer and all around can do Dan Flaherty works hard all day in the hot Texas sun. Dan is one of those rare individuals that can tackle any job.

Elton Quibideaux (T NIG) pulls the levers. Elton & I worked together down in Mississippi three years ago. Good man.

Welder Wiley Davis puts on the hard facing to keep down wear on the cutter head.

San Angelo is proud of their City Hall.

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