American Construction Company selects WINOPS for Derrick MUKILTEO

American home base in Everett Washington

Leonard Knutson Superintendent of MUKILTEO with Jarvis Frederick Project Manager and installation guru of the WINOPS Dredge Positioning System aboard MULKILTEO on a fine September day in Puget Sound. Jarvis has taken the bull by the horns with the installation of 3 DGPS Starlink DNAV212G receivers (1 on boom tip for Bucket Pos, 2 & 3 on derrick for heading calculation). Mr. Frederick selected the VGA booster mechanism CAT5 video splitter from Black Box due to the size and expence of the cable run consisting of 5 solid conductor cable. This combined with bright flat screen displays makes for an excellent installation.

Control cab of MUKILTEO with Flat Screen Display

Starlink DNAV212G sub meter DGPS receivers with Black Box CAT5 VGA video driver

View from inside the control cab

Cable run along deck of MUKILTEO

Second flat screen display in spud/derrick move shack

MUKILTEO DGPS Antenna setup - note the antenna on center of rotation of derrick circle as second GPS for heading calculation.

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