Army Corps of Engineers Sausalito California

The following photos and text do not constitute an endorsement of Lyman Burk & Associates by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers. The fact is, they constitute an endorsement of the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers by Lyman Burk & Associates.

Theresa Reyes runs the office in Sausalito and is a familiar face to many dredgers. She has thirty one years of service with the Corps. Terrie is awesome. Every mud mover in the west knows her voice. It is always good to see you Terrie.

Leonard Soohoo is the Resident Engineer for the Construction Service Branch of the San Francisco District. Leonard and his staff keep the navigation channels of the entire Bay Area dredged for vessel traffic. As you can see, he has his hands full. LBA got started in this office back in 1986 when putting together the DDLS (Dredge Display and Logging System) for the Corps in the good old DOS days.

Mike (Guitar) Murphy and I learned how to use PC computers together back in the mid 80's. Mr. Murphy puts together the digital drawings and specifications for all the dredging jobs in the Bay Area and beyond. He has a keen talent in computer systems and CAD. We go back many years. If I am feeling down, I call Mike.

Check this out... Mike is on the right with the gold Les Paul.

The name of their band was "The Pacifics" - I think this is in front of the library at Cal Poly University SLO circa 1964.

Left to right Sonny, Sandy(Germ), Mike(Fingers), Carol, Bill(Puff) - You gotta love this...

It was this web posting that allowed Mike, Sonny and Sandy to find Bill (somewhere in Florida) and get the band back together - This is as good as it gets - Where is Carol? Left to right Sonny, Sandy(Germ), Mike(Fingers), Bill(Puff)

As you can see - these guys are still rockin with no end in sight.

Mike tells me that the sax man played with Dick Dale & the Deltones

Who is this fantastic singer?

Sandy (Germ) sporting dual kick drums and four toms...

Mike Murphy gettin on it! August 2006 San Luis Opispo Pismo Beach...

The thing about this band is that they have returned to their beginnings after each left, for a near life long career. During the life of these gentlemen, the electric guitar, amplifier, and the most kick ass music, have taken place on this planet. From Elvis to Jerry Garcia, Dick Dale to the Red Hot Chili Peppers, we have been dancing our butts off for 50 years. Most of this creative juice took place in Southern California. Leo Fender and the Stratocaster, Precision/Jazz Basses, Twin Reverb/ Dual Showman Amps, Richenbacher Guitars all in fantastic LA and surrounds. Yes, what a ride. Music is the best part of Homo sapiens.