Advanced American Diving
selects WINOPS with Novatel RTK 2cm GPS Control plus a Caplan Tide Gauge

On site at Terminal 6 Portland Oregon

Vice President Mike Johns with son Nolan aboard Derrick 4100 - yes these boyz like guns. Mike is a robust character from back country Oregon. Dredging is only a small part of the AAD equation according to Johns. AAD is involved with many other project types including US Navy operations/construction and testing of classified vessels etc. LBA looks forward to solving surface and sub surface positioning problems for Mike and AAD.

Hydro Survey of Terminal 6 (90,000 points) on the WINOPS screen...

First day on site we always boom down and take care of the boom tip antenna pendulum. Care was taken to align the Novatel 2cm antenna over the holding wire sheave when boom is at 70 degrees for tight construction projects such as pile driving.

RTK base station had to be placed on an island in the Columbia River. Mike built a very handy computer and nav station aboard DB 4100. All nav hardware is below the lap top PC protected from sand/mud/coffee and so on.

Darren Funk is a top engineer for AAD - some of his favorite duties involve helping nav types (LBA) establish point locations for base stations and tide gauges.

4100 Captain Ron Stack has years in the crane business and is a smooth operator.

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